Our services

We work in partnership with our clients, delivering packaging solutions according to the various needs our customers have. We draw on our in depth packaging expertise and industry experience, combining development creativity with business acumen and specialized project management skills.


managementThese services are based on an in depth understanding of best practices in packaging development projects. Furthermore we know how a performing packaging development organization needs to be embedded in the organization of a company.

Interim project management

Offering specialized Project management skills to guarantee effective project execution with high quality outcome. This concerns the definition, planning and controlling of projects. We understand the importance of project communication incorporating effective leadership skills to manage human performance and address stakeholder involvement and satisfaction.

Timing requirements can be kept, by conscious risk management execution throughout projects. We swiftly accommodate to new or unexpected project challenges throughout projects.

Organisation development

Enhancing companies capability to perform packaging innovation and development.

Process controll

Developing structures and methods to improve project efficiency and quality.