Experts in next generation packaging

A new packaging solution can be an extremely effective and profitable way of creating value, for your business, your brand and your customers. However, packaging development projects tend to be complex and as soon as you need something that is more than just a new outer shape, who can you turn to? Who has this in depth packaging development expertise? Who can capture that elusive value and turn innovative concepts into profitable packaging formats?

Packaging Intelligence is a specialized packaging development company. We support our customers in the fast moving consumer goods and pharmaceutical industry sectors with the realization of next generation packaging, closures and delivery systems. From front-end ideation through to validation for high volume manufacturing.

Our full service offer includes design, technology and project management expertise. We deliver packaging that sells, protects and is convenient. More over it is sustainable and can be manufactured efficiently on high speed filling and packaging lines.

In our view, successful packaging is the result of a well-managed co development ship between the brand owner, the packaging suppliers and us. This is how we think and we act.

The intelligent way to develop packaging