Our services

We work in partnership with our clients, delivering packaging solutions according to the various needs our customers have. We draw on our in depth packaging expertise and industry experience, combining development creativity with business acumen and specialized project management skills.


innovationTruly innovative packaging creates value for the consumer, generates higher margins and strengthens the brand. Consumers are demanding value and performance from the product they buy. The packaging can largely contribute to this through effectiveness and increased ease of use.

Opportunity discovery

Understanding and capitalizing on needs and trends, by connecting meaningful consumer and market insights with (new) technological propositions. The challenge is to close the gap between the consumer insights the brand owners have, with the technologies the packaging suppliers have to offer. With these kind of projects we work in the two directions: from end user needs to technology and visa versa.

Technology invention

Starts when a company identifies a need for which no technical answer currently exists. Focussed technology search is followed by feasibility studies to prove technical robustness of potential ideas. This also involves the preparation of proof of principle prototypes. Leads to patentable, next generation and disruptive technologies.

Structured ideation

Developing highly potential packaging ideas by combining ideas from 5 different angles:  Brand, People, Product, Environment and Technology. “Total” concepts will be prototyped and assessed and weighted against the relevant criteria. This results in development concepts which have a very high success rate of hitting the shelf and contributing to the success of your business.